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If your home has a swimming pool, on hot and warm days, you and your family will be spending more time in and around the pool than anywhere else. Pool decking is the perfect addition to your swimming pool. It will enhance the aesthetics of your home and also be functional in nature, as people can easily get in and out of the pool. Pool decks have an uncanny ability of expanding your living space and making the pool areas more appealing.

Pool Deck Plan

Creating swimming pool decks is a time consuming and labor intensive job. It also requires certain knowledge and expertise. This is the reason why construction of pool decks should always be done by professionals. Right from choosing the right material to creating a deck plan will be handled by the professional.

The professional will first create a pool deck plan that will have the dimensions of the deck along with the design and layout of individual elements of your pool to give you detailed information of how your deck will look. It is here that the contractor will show you whether a freestanding deck or attached one will be built around your pool. A freestanding deck is located adjacent to the pool, while the latter connects your home to the pool.

While the pool deck plan is being devised, the contractor will try and get your ideas about the deck. This is where you can inform him where you want a single-side deck, platform deck or all around deck. Usually for above ground swimming pools it is best to go with all around deck with pool fence. This will keep your kids and pets safe and prevent untoward accidents.

Judicious Use of Space

Pool decks can be as versatile as you want them to be. If you want to spend time lounging around the pool and entertain guests and family, it is best to opt for a single side deck or all around deck. If you get an all around deck constructed, you can add an outdoor kitchen and also a patio to make the space more functional. This way, you will be able to host poolside barbecues at a drop of a hat!

Innovation is the Key

There are several designs that can create magical pool decks out of simple materials. We at Tim U. McOwen & Associates, Inc. believe in using creativity to design decks that are unique and beautiful. Our creations add value to your property besides being functional and durable. We are limited by our imagination and for us the sky is the limit. If you like, we can make your deck look modern and stylish without compromising the overall look and feel of your home. We can do this by adding a trellis to provide a shaded area and railings and fence.

Our designs are appealing and you can rest assured knowing that we have over 28 years experience in designing and constructing pool decks in and around North Atlanta and Hiawassee. With our decks, you have space that can help you de-stress and relax while spending meaningful time with your loved ones.

Call Tim U. McOwen & Associates, Inc. today on 678-377-1259. We also service many other neighboring areas of North Atlanta and Hiawassee, including Peachtree Park, Starlight Hills, Cedar Cliff and Osborn. You will be amazed at our service and affordable prices. With us, pool decks no longer are out of reach. Get yours today!