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Tim U. McOwen & Associates, Inc is a turn-key hardscapes & landscapes company with over 38 years of experience.

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Most people associate sidewalks with the area outside their home. However, you can install sidewalks on your property and transform the way it looks. You can easily install a sidewalk in your front yard that meanders through your garden and allows you to take a stroll enjoying the lush greenery and wildlife that visits your garden. Did you know there is research to show sidewalks have health benefits, as people tend to walk more if they have access to them? As a result, people are healthier.

Customizing Your Sidewalks

Sidewalks can lead from your deck or patio to your garden or from the main house to the swimming pool. Regardless of where you install the sidewalk, get a professional, such as Tim U. McOwen & Associates, Inc., to do the installation, so that you are assured of a quality job and finish.

The beauty about a sidewalk is you can customize it based on your needs and budget. Also, it can be constructed to highlight certain architectural elements of your home. Whether you opt for brick pavers or concrete pavers, you know that you will get a design that enhances the overall look and appearance of your home, while making it easy for you to access different parts of your garden.

Imagine a sidewalk leading to your pergola or gazebo? Wouldn’t it make it easy for you to reach the structure and spend endless hours relaxing and resting? That is exactly what sidewalks are meant to do. Make your life easy while beautifying your home.

The Right Professional

Usually, homeowners go in for DIY project, as the cost of installing a sidewalk can be prohibitive. However, when they notice sagging in places, cracks or pooling of water, they have to spend more money to rectify the problem and this works out even more expensive. Hence, it is prudent to choose an experienced and knowledgeable contractor, who can help you make an informed decision with regard to the design and choice of pavers.

Proper sidewalk installation depends on the type of contractor you hire. So, do not leave the choice to chance or price. Remember, there are quality contractors that do not charge a bomb for installing sidewalks, but you should do your research and due diligence to make the right choice.

A good sidewalk should be safe and allow you the liberty to beautify it by planting shrubs and flowering plants along the edges. Also, the width of the sidewalk should be broad enough to let two people walk side by side comfortably. Usually, most people end up with a sidewalk that is too narrow and this mars the overall beauty of the property.

The days of straight sidewalk are long gone. Today, you can go in for a curved design that looks less severe. If you rather not be adventurous, you can go in for standard concrete flooring. On the other hand, if you want something more interesting, there are many materials that can add a touch of panache and elegance to your sidewalk. These are the things your contractor should be willing to discuss with you in great detail, so that you make an informed decision.

We at Tim U. McOwen & Associates, Inc. have the knowledge, expertise and skill to install any kind of sidewalk in residential areas and properties. We offer design flexibility and our sidewalks are renowned for their beauty and elegance. Call us today on 678-377-1259, as we have our offices in two locations – North Atlanta and Hiawassee, Georgia. However, we also service neighboring towns and cities, such as Plymouth Colony, Edwardsville and Forestdale Estates. You will be amazed at our quality, affordable prices and prompt and personalized service.